Monday, September 28, 2009

Fresh Edamame!

I am sorry there are no pictures, but I left my phone in my parents' truck when I borrowed it this weekend to take down our fair booth. Today, I hung out at lunch with my friends Jessica and Kay, and Kay brought edamame for us! It was still on the plants, so Jessica and I picked them into a bag and gave the plants back to Kay for her compost. We split the pods with our friend Heather and I STILL had enough for a meal tonight. With a fresh honeycrisp apple. What? That's weird? Well then you've never had fresh edamame and a honeycrisp apple, because you wouldn't want to eat anything else.

To make edamame, it's easy. Take fresh edamame pods, put them in boiling water for five minutes, drain, and sprinkle with kosher salt. Squeeze the little soybeans out of the pods with your teeth. The end.


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