Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fresh this Week from Rohrer's Meats

Greetings from the farm. It is a busy time of year with all of the school activities, local festivals and fairs competing for your time. I know that I would like to attend some, but with markets every day from Thursday through Sunday, it is next to impossible. The Pennsylvania All-American Dairy Show is occurring this week. While I am no longer in the dairy business, I still like seeing beautiful cows. Plus, there is a dairy collectibles and antique show which is always interesting.

The purpose of this writing is to entice you to attend the farmers market before you start the rest of your weekend activities. I have some frozen product in my freezer that I would like to move. I also need to move it because I have a batch of chickens at the processor waiting to come home. Therefore, this will be a clearance sale, so to speak, and the discount only applies to frozen, not fresh, product. There will be ribeye, T-bone, strip, and sirloin steaks 10% off. I also have smoked ham steaks and boneless lamb shoulders 10% off. My chicken supply is low, except for the larger birds. Whole broilers, weighing 7 pounds will be 10% off. I also have a supply of pork spare ribs which will be 20% off. These discounts are good while the frozen supply lasts, first come, first served, all though I will accept orders.

I will also have my regular line of products available this week.

If you would like to place an order, please do so by noon Friday. Eat fresh, eat local, and I will see you at the market.

Rohrer's Meats

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