Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's up, food bloggers? Eggplant Challenge!

September has been a slow month for our local food bloggers but thankfully they are starting to pick up. I really enjoy reading the local blogs, seeing what people are getting in their CSAs and what delicious meals they are making.

Chelsea from figs and twigs has a gorgeous post up that describes a purple cauliflower and white bean puree. The recipe sounds delicious. I have to go check the garden tomorrow to see if my purple cauliflower made it. Image from figs and twigs.

April from 1000 Pizza Doughs has posted yet another 60's style photo of a dinner that she made to cook away her most recent CSA haul. She claims the entire meal took only 40 minutes to prepare, "including scrubbing the dirt from the potatoes". Check out the post to see pictures of Mountain Rose potatoes- they maintain a pink swirl after cooked. Image from 1000 Pizza Doughs.

I Used to Be a Person shares pictures of her bounty from week 14 of her CSA. The CSA boxes are looking mighty good this time of year.

Dianne's Dishes has a pretty picture and a recipe for smash potatoes. Image from Dianne's Dishes.

And last but not least, Volt taunts us with their Whitmore dinner menu- a farm to table event that I would love to attend if I were not taking a class out of town next week. The menu features dishes that highlight local farms:
  • Summer Creek
  • Whitmore Farm
  • Earth and Eats Farm
  • Eco Friendly Foods
  • Glade Link Farm
  • Scenic View Orchard
  • Tuscarora Organic Growers
I was thinking it would be fun to start more of a dialogue with the local food bloggers and our readers, so I am going to throw out a challenge: some time in the next two weeks, put up a post focused on eggplant or send us an email and we'll post your eggplant dish. I would love to see how many eggplant dishes our friends can come up with. You have until midnight on Saturday, September 26.



Dianne's Dishes said...

This sounds like fun! I'm in!

Trout said...

Well I don't have a food blog, but I did post a picture of the eggplant I cooked last night on flicker:

The eggplant was an attempt at the good eats 1-minute eggplant parmesan. The eggplant and grape tomatoes were from New Hope Farm, cream (I used whole milk) from South Mountain Creamery. The pecorino romano cheese grated on top is the only non-local ingredient (from costco).

The other mound of food is braised turnip greens from Glade Link Farm.

smoo said...

Yay! Sauteed Eggplant with Braised Turnip Greens! The eggplant challenge is on! This dish is making me HUNGRY :)

I used to be a person said...

Thanks for the shout out. Week 15 is up now. I love reading local blogs! I'm sad that our CSA season will be over next month. :(

smoo said...

I bought egplant today from Nancy at Chesapeake's Choice so expect an eggplant dish soon!

Chelsea said...

Oh - Hi! I just found this post; gee, where have I been? Eggplant challenge? I'm there! I can't wait to see everyone's results!

April F. said...

I actually used my iPhone to find an eggplant recipe last week. Simple eggplant parm, but it was good. Will post a photo later.