Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baked Goodness: What I look forward to at the Farmer's Market.

Photo by Dan
Some saturdays I like to sleep in and have a slow start. No time for breakfast before the market? No problem. We have Cakes for Cause, Ed's Bakery, and BB's Bagels and Bread bringing fresh breads and sweets to the market. As you might know, I volunteered for the Cakes for Cause booth last year and it was lots of fun. Besides, Elin let volunteers have one item among the baked goods and a cup of lemonade, free. I wonder if that is why I kept volunteering. In any case Cakes for Cause brings the most delicious croissant, pain au chocolat (chocolate-filled croissant) and scones, all hand-made. Ed's Bakery brings pies, cakes, breads and cookies. Cookies are generously sized, and pies are offered at a small size, which I think is a brilliant idea. BB's Bagels are the pretty much only bagels I buy around here. What do you know about bagels, you might ask. Well, I never had bagels growing up in Korea. However, I was introduced to bagels when I visited and stayed with my best friend in New York city in 1993, and I fell in love with bagels. During the stay, I ate bagels pretty much every day for a month. So you see, my standards for bagels are pretty high. And I am thankful that BB's comes to our market.

How about starting a breakfast club at the farmer's market? Bring your kids, or meet up with your best buddy, buy assortments of baked goods, eat and shop! And, no need to stop by Starbucks beforehand to get your coffee fix. Cakes for Cause has great coffee as well as cool, refreshing lemonade.

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