Sunday, April 26, 2009

A lovely Saturday morning

Saturday morning, I met up with Yeon and Jerica and Jerica's little boy at the Master Gardener's plant sale. I am sorry I did not mention this sale to you beforehand. It is once a year. I always get native landscaping plants there (this year I got pinxter and florida flame azaleas) and a few tomato plants. They also have annual and perennial plants of many types. And I always run into friends. This time I ran into my buddies Hilari and Jason Varnadore, and their little girl; my friend Gail Padgett; Master Gardener Earlene Duncan, and colleague Carl Berger from the Council of Governments. If I saw anyone else I am sorry but I forgot.

I have three places where I get tomato plants: myself, if I grow them; my friend Ilene at House in the Woods farm; and the Master Gardeners. The common thread is heirloom tomatoes. I am a sucker for heirlooms. My entry for the summer potluck is a plate full of multicolored tomato slices: red, green, yellow, purple. Sometimes with salt. Sometimes with basil and fresh mozzarella. Anyway I am getting ahead of myself, thinking about fresh tomatoes.
We had a wonderful time at the sale, and then we went back to Dan and Yeon's place where Dan had made us breakfast! Jerica and Dan are on the left, Yeon is on the right. Jerica asked her boy, "what do you say to Dan for making us such a nice breakfast?" And he pointed at something on his plate, and said, "I don't like that."

You can see Yeon's raised beds in the background. They figure more prominently in a minute.

In the second picture you can see the beautiful plates that Dan made up for us with French toast, spinach omelette, cheese omelete (Cotswold is my new favorite cheese for eggs, wow), fresh fruit, salmon and cream cheese canapes, and bacon. Jerica's son was very excited about the bacon, which, dipped in maple syrup, saved the day. By the way, Jerica is due in August!

After breakfast, Yeon took Henry over to the raised bed with all of her extra strawberry plants in it. She and Jerica's boy (I keep calling him that to avoid putting his name on the internet, you understand) dug strawberry plants together. There is a garden sorrel plant on their left. At one point, the boy wanted to dig dirt instead, so they consulted. Eventually, they finished digging up the strawberries, and that little boy carried the full bucket of plants halfway across the yard.

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