Friday, April 24, 2009

Urban Homesteading

First, enjoy this video from Oprah, where a family on 1/10 of an acre in Pasadena, CA produces 3 tons of food a year. The home is its own little manifesto.

I am not trying to suggest that you should do this. But you COULD. Note all of the raised beds. I think it's gorgeous. I love to see what is possible. Yeon will appreciate the industriousness. This is what her yard will look like in a few years. Seriously, this level of organization makes me feel like a slug.


Yeon said...

I love the photo! Yep, my yard will look more or less like that one in a few years. Not that many raised beds though- my 8 raised beds are good numbers for my yard. Dan and I will be establishing more curves and irregular shaped patches in the yard. The goal is that we won't need a lawn mower any more.

jdwilloughby said...

Hey these folks were also featured in the last Mother Earth News-check out the article about their micro-homestead at