Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chippa Chippa Bloem Bloem!

I finally had a chance to meet Chefs Christine and Caroline from the Kitchen Studio today. I read Christine's blog, Frederick Foodie, and have always enjoyed learning about her classes and other adventures through her writing.

I really enjoyed meeting another local food blogger, someone who really gets the multifacetedness of the word "local" (and who also appreciates great local restaurants, ahem). I could have talked to her all day but did not want to monopoloze her time, as she was hosting an art show, so we are going to have to chat again. She said she would post a link to our blog, and gave me some of her outstanding Chippa Chippa Bloem Bloem cookies. I finally put links up on our blog today, and hers was the first I added. Check out the local blog links; we'll be adding more as we discover more local food and farm blogs.

I would also like you to know that I have only eaten two of the cookies in the bag, though I admit they are enormous, and plan to share the rest with friends.

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