Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meats: What I look forward to at the Farmer's Market

Photo by Dan
Most of us omnivores enjoy eating meats. Danny, our meat man brings us tasty meats and it is relieving to know he cares about his animals and that his animals had content and healthy lives. I don't feel it necessary to elaborate on how good his meats are. Shannon posted a conversation with her daddy over Danny's delicious sirloin. Dan dedicated a post on Danny's goat meat. You will find that some of the comments left by our visitors expressed how satisfied they were with Danny's meats.
I will leave you with a photo of rib roast that Dan dry-rubbed and smoked. Dan and I picked up this nice piece of meat from Danny just before the Christmas last year and it adorned a table at our friend's party on Christmas day. After tasting the smoked rib roast, our friend Barry wanted to marry Dan.

Photo by Dan

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