Saturday, June 28, 2008

What $40 can get you from the farmer's market

Every week (unless I am in a working gulag at the old house) I go to the farmer's market on Baughman's lane with $40. I generally spend it down to almost nothing. Here is what I got today:
  • Ham salad sandwich from the Rohrers (aka Meat Man) which I promptly ate
  • Half gallon milk from the South Mountain Creamery (aka Milk Man, cost me a quarter after returning three deposit bottles)
  • a cup of fresh lemonade, 4 lemon-ginger scones (ate one), 2 cheddar-chive scones, and a chocolate croissant from Cakes for Cause
  • 1 bunch chard, three doggie biscuits (Lucy the dog ate two), and a patty pan squash from Chesapeake's Choice
  • 1 pint of organic yellow potatoes from Summer Creek Farm (and some water for Lucy)
  • a pint of cherries from the Scenic View Orchard
  • a pint of blueberries from Glade Link Farm (ate a few, FANTASTIC)
  • brought back $2.25.
I ran into a bunch of friends, Lucy made some new doggie friends, and my right hand went numb from carrying my heavy bag of booty. Yeon was busy talking to farmers about our blog; we are going to post whatever the farmers send us about what will be fresh the next week. Some of the farmers have mailing lists, so those will be easy to get.

Side note: I harvested some cherry tomatoes from the backyard last night. About five of them. I ate a few of the uglier ones with splits and left three on Edna's porch rail. I expect that her fresh produce radar has already found them...


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