Monday, June 23, 2008

Naming is always tough.

I would like to start with a paragraph by Todd Hoff in his C++ Coding Standard.

Make Names Fit
Names are the heart of programming. In the past people believed knowing someone's true name gave them magical power over that person. If you can think up the true name for something, you give yourself and the people coming after power over the code. Don't laugh!

A name is the result of a long deep thought process about the ecology it lives in. Only a programmer who understands the system as a whole can create a name that "fits" with the system. If the name is appropriate everything fits together naturally, relationships are clear, meaning is derivable, and reasoning from common human expectations works as expected.

I spent about an hour staring at the blogger screen trying to figure out a name for this blog. The first idea was to name this "local harvest", and surprisingly this name was still available. However, I didn't want this blog to be compared with, which is one of the best websites that promote local farms, CSAs, farmer's markets... basically anything local produce.
After some more thoughts, "Grown in Frederick" was chosen as the blog name. In this space I hope we will share many stories, photos and recipes about fresh produce grown in and near Frederick MD. I hope with this space, passion for local food and the bonding with our local farmers will grow. As a gardener with many friends who can talk about tomatoes and peppers in their back yards for hours, I won't be able to resist the topic of urban gardening in this space either. In the end, the produce that we grow in our own back-yard is the most local and fresh produce we can eat.

I hope I captured the true name for this blog. I hope this name will empower the people who are coming to this space. This is locally grown in Frederick.