Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Growing in my back yard

This is a photo of my starter bed, taken this morning. I probably have a photo of the same bed a month ago somewhere - I will post it if I find it. Some with keen eyes will notice that I have many young tomato plants here. Though young, they are flowering. They are ready to take off - they want to spread and create a tomato jungle. They can't stay in this bed any more. They need to find a new home.
It would be pretty tough to find somebody who would like to take these young plants, already being in late June, and I might have to retire them into a compost pile. If anybody wants organically home-grown tomato plants, please leave me a comment! Below is the list.

Amish Paste
Garden Peach
German Red Strawberry
Red Calabash
Cherry (prize of the trail)
Early big red

First three are heirloom tomatoes. It is funny that many tomato varieties have fruit names, such as peach, strawberry and cherry. There are also pineapple and yellow pear tomatoes too. Many times, these names are borrowed to describe the size, shape and color of tomatoes (such as in strawberry, cherry, peach and pear) but I have heard that pineapple tomatoes are so sweet that they taste like pineapple. I will have to try it out this summer.
Red Calabash and Prize of the trail tomatoes are started from organic seeds from Seeds of Change. The seeds were getting old so I had to use them all.
Ildi and Early big red were bonus seeds when I placed orders in two different companies. They are hybrid seeds and I am not sure how they would perform.

Since I accidently killed my indoor seedlings, I bought four young tomato plants to give myself a jump-start. They are getting huge and making fruits now. Will post more about these giants some time. Meanwhile, if you want free tomato seedlings, please let me know in a week!


smoo said...

Hey I got rid of my extra tomato plants! So I can take a strawberry tomator plant from you or something else I don't have.


Yeon said...

Awesome! Thank you Shannon!