Sunday, June 29, 2008

You're turning violet, Violet!

Before I say anything else, I must say this: the blueberries are awesome this year. Do not miss them. I had them today in a biscuit cobbler that my friend Jackie's mother made, and I was in heaven. I am also eating blueberries now. Thank you Glade-Link Farm. Yeon and I have decided to go blueberry picking at Glade-Link and I'll let her post on the particulars.

"You're turning violet, Violet!" (to Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory as she turned into a giant blueberry)

I visited Yeon today and we talked about this blog. Yeon gave me a scoop of fresh cherry ice cream that she had made with the fruits from Catoctin  Mountain Orchard (indescribably good on a hot afternoon), a sesame leaf plant, and some lovely cut flowers.

I also picked up a few tomato plants from Yeon today. Because I am crazy. Yes, that's right. I just got rid of my extra tomato plants and took on several more. But they were different! I didn't have any Amish paste or German strawberry tomatoes and was feeling deprived. This year I also don't have several of my favorites including a green zebra because I grew a bunch of other varieties from seed and was trying something different. Here are my top three all-time favorite tomato varieties to grow:
  1. German Pineapple. It has yellow flesh streaked with red and a pineappley sweet-tartness. Plus it's huge and beefy. Good producer with a long harvest (3 plants this year).
  2. Green zebra. It goes from light green with green streaks to yellow with green streaks, and is a gorgeous little slicer. It's also extremely drought-resistant in my experience. Prolific producer with a long harvest.
  3. Purple Cherokee. The ripe fruits are greenish on top with red/purple/black the rest of the way down. The insides look like blood. It's a meaty, flavorful tomato that is also extremely adaptable to dry summers. Some summers I have gotten nothing but green zebra and purple Cherokee tomatoes, and for that, I love them. Not the biggest producer but a long harvest. Ripens well on the counter (1 plant this year? I forget).
I will have lots of paste tomatoes this year. Very exciting. Normally I grow a plant or two and then the drought keeps them from fruiting. But I think this year, I'll be making sauce all over the place.

Zinnias are blooming! So are bergamot, tickseed, yarrow, black-eyed susan, and lilies.

Enjoy the week!


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