Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Searching for a farmer's market

When Dan and I first moved down to Frederick three years ago, there were three places that I had to find before anything else: farmer's market, public library, and thrift store.
We found a huge Goodwill place at the east Church street. Though all the items were in half chaos and finding things in that chaos was challenging, it still offered me a pleasure of treasure-hunting. Things have gotten better at the Goodwill over the years and I am happy to add that there is now order in that place.
Next thing we found was Frederick public library. Oh, how I love our library. I always borrow more books than I can read, and return them, and checked them out again. The fact that our library doesn't limit the number of books that we can borrow, doesn't help stopping my ambitious yet silly cycle. Whoever invented this free book lending system to public is a genius! (maybe my librarian friends can chime in and tell us a little history of public library.)

At this point all there was left to find was a farmer's market, and my expectation for farmer's market was set pretty high partly due to all the discoveries we were making in Frederick. Just by looking at people, walking down the streets, and driving around beautiful farmlands in the County, I was convinced that we must have one of the best farmer's markets. When we tried Frederick farmer's market at the fair ground, we were sadly disappointed. We gave another week of try and never went back. There were simply not many farmers there at all. We tried downtown Farmer's market at the Everedy Square. Fresh peaches, corns, eggs, salad mix, flowers and even wool they offered at the market was so precious, but the market was still rather small.
I don't think I knew about West Frederick farmer's market till the following year, until my friend Shannon told me about it. The same year we moved from out-skirt of Frederick city to downtown, and start meeting all the wonderful neighbors. My obsession to this farmer's market slowly but steadily grew after my first visit. If you insist comparing this market with other farmer's markets, yes, it is still smaller than those found in metro cities. But we got the farmers. We have these dedicated people who will rise as the Sun rises on Saturday morning to pick the best and freshest produce for us. We have these people who are breathing the nature to bring the best gift from the Mother earth. The market might be small, but we've got local orchard people, organic farmers, conventional farmers, flower people, artisan bakers, meat man, milk man, soap man, and even boxwood man! Add honey, hand-crafted chocolate truffles, photos, home-popped pop-corns, and pottery to this mix. How can you resist this delightful offering!
So now I am fully addicted. Below is the details of my addiction.

West Frederick Farmer's Market
Potomac Physicians Parking Lot (Off Route 40, behind Holiday Cinemas)
110 Baughman's Lane
Frederick, MD
Open Every Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm
From the first Saturday of May to Thanksgiving

Farmers are not allowed to sell anything till 10 am, until a bell rings . If you come to the market before 10, you can still pick and reserve what you would like to purchase at each stand, and purchase the items after the ring.

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