Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moxie is open!

Those of you that read the blog are familiar with Cakes for Cause, the organization at the West Frederick and Everedy Square Farmers Markets that makes delicious baked goods AND helps kids who are aging out of foster care or live in public housing to develop job skills. Today Elin Ross and friends opened up Moxie Bakery and Cafe in downtown Frederick.

Many of us remember when this was a passionate idea in Elin's brain. Something she was going to do some day. She had the experience- she's a trained pastry chef with nonprofit management experience in the area of helping foster kids. But not everyone can take a not-for-profit idea; create a culture around it and enlist all of their friends; work tirelessly, and I mean tirelessly, for over a year pulling together resources; and then really make it manifest. People like this are treasures. Elin Ross is a treasure, and I believe in her vision. I can't wait to see the first class of young people as they go through the program and learn what it really takes to not only make amazing food, but to develop good work habits and learn how to succeed in a work environment, and hopefully, in life.

So far at Moxie, I have tried the decaf chai, chocolate pots de creme, strawberry chevre parfait, and the chai mousse. Since I am not eating gluten, I haven't been able to try the biscuits with sausage gravy, but I hear from my friend Jeff, pictured here with a pumpkin scone (which he loved also), that they are incredible. The biscuits and gravy are offered for Sunday brunch tomorrow, if you want to check them out. They also have a vegetarian gravy with roasted vegetables. The bakery serves croissants and other amazing baked goods (including some vegan items, which have been making my friend Steve very happy). I hear that you should try the soups and salads that they have for lunch (the salad today was a Thai Caesar with shrimp). Dinner is "small plates" similar in size to the tapas at Isabellas or the dishes at Volt. The great thing about this is that you can mix and match, and try a bunch of things. Or if you are on a budget, you can get one thing and savor it.

Moxie is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6AM-9PM and Sundays 9AM-2PM. You can get items from the case any time. You can seat yourself at breakfast time. The brunch, lunch, and dinner times have wait staff.

Moxie Bakery and Cafe


629 North Market Street
Frederick Maryland 21701


sixgables said...

*whimper* Someone finally makes a vegetarian biscuits and gravy and I'm gluten free? Life is too cruel. Looks fantastic, though. I shall go there for lunch this week.

smoo said...

I feel your pain. Maybe Baker can make gluten free biscuits?

moxiedesserts said...

gluten free flours don't flavor short crusts (shortbread, biscuits, pie crust) very well so it's probably not something we will do...we have lots of other gluten free stuff to order though!

smoo said...

Hey thanks for the reply, moxie! We'll have to rely on your other GF items...