Thursday, October 15, 2009

Show off your apples: cider doughnuts from figs and twigs

My dear friend Chelsea. The picture of the "Cider and Spice Doughnut Holes" you have posted at figs and twigs looks divine. I have reposted it here so that I can pretend it is mine every time I look at my blog. No seriously, this looks awesome. I have been sick all week and can't taste anything but I can totally taste this in my mind. Check the link to see a recipe too.

Remember everybody, you have til midnight on Friday to send us a link to a picture/post or to email a pic for the apple challenge. Make anything with apples. That is the only rule. I'll be waiting. I also hope I am well enough to make something. How sad would it be to hold a challenge and then not show up? I will do my best. By the way, check out Rochelle Myers' last column in the Frederick News Post on the Apple Challenge. Best quote ever: "Shannon Moore wants you to show off your apples." Thanks Rochelle! LOLZ!

And sorry I have gotten behind on my Top Chef posts- I'll get back to normal as soon as I can. Spoiler alert: the Voltaggio brothers are still in. Ashley and Ash are out. Robin is still in.


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