Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apfelmus chevre mousse

So here's the broken-down tale of what I did for the apple challenge: I made a take on Zwilling Apfelmus (a Swiss German dish). It's supposed to be two mousses swirled together: a mousse made with applesauce and whipped cream, swirled with a mousse made with apple butter and whipped cream. I decided to make my own apple sauce and apple butter. My large, flat bottomed pan cooked the apples down quickly. I made the applesauce and refrigerated half of it. But I realized it was too watery for a mousse, so I cooked the other half down halfway between sauce and butter and decided I would make only one mousse. The sauce/butter hybrid had a great taste and texture. Then I realized I had half and half, not heavy whipping cream. Not wanting to go to the store because I was sick, I mixed the sauce/butter with a mousse whipped out of 1/3 c chevre, 1/2 c half and half, 2 TBSP calvados (apple liqueur), and 2 tsp sugar. The end result: okay, but I should have left the chevre out because it fought with the spices and calvados. But my house smelled delicious. By the way, I took pictures of the finished mousse, but it looks like baby food. Anyway, I tried. Not my best effort ever.

The applesauce and other half of the apple sauce/butter are in my refrigerator waiting to be made into something fabulous. When I am feeling better.


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