Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great quote from a local chef

Local Chef Rochelle Myers has restarted her column in the Frederick News-Post (she also writes the blog, Lots of Everything). Here is a nice quote from today:

I realized I had turned a corner when I discouraged a friend from serving asparagus at a family gathering in the fall. Why eat woody, flavorless asparagus from Peru when you can eat local, flavorful, fresh swiss chard, broccoli or pak choi?Besides tasting better, the stuff that's in season is fresher (it didn't have to travel as far to get to your plate) and far less expensive.

Eating local fresh food has become more than mere lip service or an occasional nice idea. It's a way of life. I do still eat asparagus out of season, but it just makes me miss the real deal and wish spring would arrive so I can enjoy it to its fullest once again.

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