Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going on a bear hunt?

Black bear season opened yesterday. I was curious to hear if any of my friends had ever tried bear, so I posted the question on facebook. Friends are great. Because they may or may not be able to help me, but they'll always have something to say. More likely than not, it will be funny, like how we should have the right to arm bears, and should never eat polar bear liver (deadly). Click the image to see it larger:

So what have I learned?
  • Bear meat is like dark meat meets beef meets gamey meets greasy meets venison but you can't remember what it tastes like;
  • Bear meat is best eaten off of a roasting spit at a cookout in West Virginia and never in chili or with a lot of seasoning;
  • Bear meat weirds you out and/or troubles your conscience but you'll eat it so it won't go to waste unless you are a vegan or won't eat smart animals;
  • The way to kill a bear is naked, with your teeth, but only if you have first armed the bear (if you have more questions, you should ask your bear-killing Uncle);
  • You should never eat the liver of a polar bear, for you shall die of acute hypervitaminosis A.

Thanks guys. That helps.

Update: late-breaking comments:

Ewwww. Just ew.


I've just been told that that turning bear meat into breakfast sausage will counteract the greasiness of bear and that it is very nice seasoned with black pepper, oregano, rosemary and garlic. This was the fate of a trouble-making bear in town.
Now I have a hankering for bear sausage.

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