Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We really mean it this time...

Hello??? Are you out there? Is this microphone working? This is the VERY LAST CHANCE to order your holiday cookies from Cakes for Cause. Wednesday is too late for delicious sugar cookie and gingerbread cookies that come to you frozen and in 15 short minutes become the template for the artistic geniuses in your house. Here's the details:

Each box contains 30 cookies and costs $18, frosting mix is $6 and will be available at the drop off sites.

Tuesday November 25th: YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ORDER. We are not responsible for disappointed kiddies, officemates, or the neighborhood cookie exchange.

We will be contacting everyone who has reserved cookies in the week following Thanksgiving to confirm your order and arrange your pickup and payment details.

Wednesday, December 3rd: If you'd like to practice decorating, Cakes for Cause will be having a house party. E-mail us for details.

Pickup Dates:
Thursday, December 11th 10:00-2:00, Cultural Arts Center (downtown) OR
Saturday, December 13th 11:00-1:00, Dutch Plant Farm (Baughman's Lane) OR
Wednesday, December 17th 10:00-2:00, Cultural Arts Center (downtown) OR
Saturday, December 20th (this is pushing it people!) 10:00-2:00, Dutch Plant Farm (Baughman's Lane)

But, really we're pretty flexible and if you absolutely cannot get to any of these locations, we'll make arrangements with you to get your cookies.

That's it, easy as cookies (as we like to say in the pastry business).

We missed some thank yous...
Of course, last week we forgot to mention some people in our email (our parents for one, and Dad is still upset about it) so here we go again:

Many thanks to the people who helped us this summer at the Farmer's Market, it wouldn't have been possible without you. Amanda, Mike, Mike, and Mike, Annie, Chris, and Chris, Jen, Rachele, Jeanine, Annie, Patty, Barbara, Truby, Jennifer and Jennifer, Shannon, Kluane, Natalie, Marcia, Amy, Hannah, Michelle, Julie, Lynda, Kara, Cat, Sarah, Sarah, and Sara, Kathaleen, Keri Ann, Ann Marie, Harriet, Kelly, Lauren and Lauren, Madeline, Victoria, Kate, Mary Ann, Cara, Steve, Stacy, Pam, Kevin, Vicki, Melissa, and to our two amazing farmer's market committee chairs Jen and Yeon......aaand to the people we forgot last week, Kermit and Gaye, Ron and Rhonda, and to our shortbread and t-shirt marketing king Rick. We truly hope we didn't miss anyone this time.

Cakes for Cause

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