Friday, November 14, 2008

Greetings From Bali...

Mr. and Mrs. S.Cookie and friends are making their way here for the holidays but they had a brief stop in Bali for some fun in the sun...are those sharks?

There's two more weeks to order delicious sugar or gingerbread cookies from Cakes for Cause for your holidays. 2 ½ dozen per box and all you do is slide them into the oven and decorate easy could that be? For those of you who like your cookies already decorated, we may have some for sale at our last market and we have really creative decorators so they will definitely be unique. We will be delivering at two locations in Frederick starting on December 11th and we will start contacting everyone who has already placed an order in the first week of December to make sure we have your count right and fill you in on the details.

It's hard to believe that the market is coming to an end for the year but there's just this week and next to stop by the Cakes for Cause booth and pick up freshly baked scones, croissants, and cookies. We have been selling hot cocoa, hot coffee and hot cider for the past several weeks and it's really nice to wrap your hands around a warm cup while you stroll the market. Don't forget that you can still special order from Cakes for Cause once the market closes. Although we don't yet have our storefront, with a little notice you can have fresh baked goods between now and the springtime. How about treating your officemates for the holidays...we bet they'd enjoy a specialty cookie tray or a breakfast basket on a Monday morning and it would ensure your "employee of the month" status!

Swag is Available!
Still don't know what to get Uncle Albert for the holiday gift exchange? Don't know what you'll bring your Secret Santa draw at work? A Cakes for Cause t-shirt or hoodie makes a perfect gift for everyone. We have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Our newest model is a long-sleeved thermal or traditional t-shirt in black but we still have a limited number of our "classic" design for sale as well. Remember, if you have purchased from us in the past, your next t-shirt is $2 off so really, we're thinking of you this holiday season.

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