Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Support for Cakes for Cause from Frederick Foodie

Our friend Elin gets a mention in the Frederick Foodie Blog here. Quote of the day "Elin Ross is the ethusiastic and dynamic head of the organization and I swear, girlfriend works so hard that she sweats butter and eggs."


Chef Christine said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for picking this up from my blog! I'd like to link to you -- is that ok?

BTW - I really DO think Elin sweats butter and eggs, maybe even a little sugar too!

Yeon said...

Glad to see you here! Of course it is okay to link our blog. We don't have links to other blogs in our page yet, but once we have that going, we will also link to your blog.

Your comment about Elin really captures her well. That expression, sweating butter and eggs, could be one of the best compliments to a pastry chef!

smoo said...

Oh so true. Elin is incredibly dedicated and it is really inspiring.

smoo said...

By the way Christine- I read your blog all of the time.