Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sob, does it have to end???

-- The last Farmer's Market was on on Nov 22.--
Yes folks, this is it...the end of the 2008 Frederick Farmer's Market on Baughman's Lane. Another season of tomato fights and corn husk surfing has come to a close. But you were part of it this year with Cakes for Cause and for that we are so grateful. To the gentleman who dropped his cookie on the ground and insisted on eating it because, "it's too good to waste", to the many other customers who have supported us and our mission, and to our army of volunteers who braved rain, humidity and wind: Amanda, Mike, Mike, and Mike, Annie, Chris, and Chris, Jen, Rachele, Jeanine, Annie, Patty, Barbara, Truby, Jennifer and Jennifer, Shannon, Kluane, Natalie, Marcia, Amy, Hannah, Michelle, Julie, Lynda, Kara, Cat, Sarah, Sarah, and Sara, Kathaleen, Keri Ann, Ann Marie, Harriet, Kelly, Lauren and Lauren, Madeline, Victoria, Kate, Mary Ann, Cara, Steve, Stacy, Pam, Kevin, Vicki, Melissa, and to our two amazing farmer's market committee chairs Jen and Yeon. I hope we didn't miss anyone and THANK YOU. We'll be back next summer. P.S. no farmers were harmed during the tomato fights!

Wait...don't power down your email yet! There's still this week and we have a pantry full of ingredients to use up. So prepare yourselves for more cookies, more pastries, more cakes than ever before! Hot chocolate? We've got it! Crackers? Bags and bags! Our elves will be busy this week so that you can stock up. But, what's that? You can order from us in the off season...really? Although we don't open our retail space until next spring, you can still order great Cakes for Cause products throughout the holidays and the loooooong cold days of winter. Just give us a couple of days notice and we'll craft something special for your next big event, or just your next family breakfast.

Cookie Alert
THIS IS THE LAST WEEK to order holiday cookies (THIS IS THE LAST WEEK)...holiday gingerbread and sugar cookies that you pop into the oven and bake (THIS IS THE LAST WEEK). We will be rolling cookies on December 10th and delivering them in the Frederick area starting on the 11th. If you have already placed an order (THIS IS THE LAST WEEK), we will be contacting you the week after Thanksgiving to arrange payment and confirm your delivery and make sure you don't need anything else. The drop-dead date for ordering is Tuesday November 25th and if you miss us at the Market on Saturday, you can send an email to info@cakesforcause.org to order. And then people, we must insist that everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving turkey before even thinking about cookies! THIS IS THE LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Swag Alert
We will have our long sleeve and thermal t-shirts at the Market this week as well. If you'd like us to hold a size for you, we're more than happy to do so. This is the shirt that all the fashionistas are wearing this season and we have them in limited quantities. Accept no substitutions!

Cakes for Cause

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