Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Order your meats for Thanksgiving from Rohrer's

Greetings from the farm. With Thanksgiving only 15 days away, it is time to order your holiday bird, ham, and dessert. Orders can be picked up at the last Frederick market of the year on Saturday November 22. If you prefer fresher product, I will be making a delivery at the Dutch Plant Farm on Baughmans Lane Wednesday November 26. Wednesday hours will be 10 AM until 12:30 PM. I will be selling locally raised and processed turkeys from Maple Lawn Farm. Turkey size can be from 12 to 40 pounds and the price is $2.50 per pound. If you prefer only white meat, breasts will be priced at $4.00 per pound. For dark meat lovers, the part remaining after removal of the breast is available at $1.25 per pound. I also have hams, country cured, smoked, or fresh. My sisters will be making on order pies, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and tea breads. For those of you interested in capons, I should have an answer Friday if any will be available.

For the market this Saturday lamb cuts will include butterflied leg, boneless shoulder, racks, ground lamb, and leg, loin, rib, arm, and sirloin chops. Pork will include tenderloin, pork chops, boneless shoulder roast, bacon, smoked ham steaks, and spare, country style, and baby back ribs. Sausage flavors will be country, sage, hot Italian, mild Italian, applewurst, bratwurst, and maple. Beef will include ribeye, strip, porterhouse, sirloin, flank, and skirt steaks; boneless chuck, eye round, sirloin tip roasts; stew cubes, and ground beef. I also have some frozen veal left. Cuts are rib chops, sirloin chops, arm roast, stew cubes, and ground veal. Eggs will also be available.

I also had chickens processed this week. There will be broilers available as well as stewing birds. The "stewing" birds are young males of a laying breed. They are not as meaty as the broilers but are excellent for soup, stock, or chicken salad. This would be the type of chicken our ancestors ate a few generations back. Another good use for these birds would be for authentic coq au vin. Several years ago I had a group of this type of chicken and customers said it was perfect for that dish.

I need your help. I have a supply of pork chops, spare and country style ribs, lamb rib, arm, and sirloin chops, and veal in my freezer. I need to move this product before winter and at the same time put together a down payment for a new market truck. I will be offering these frozen meats at a 10 per cent discount this Saturday. Supply is limited so you might want to preorder to be sure of getting what you need.

Also, please get you Thanksgiving orders in soon. Be sure to let me know which day you will be picking up. Be well, and I will see you at the market.

Rohrer's Meats

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