Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let them roast

One November night I decide to roast vegetables to bring out their natural flavor and show-case beautiful colors. The vegetables were:
  • Cheddar cauliflower from Gwen (Glade-link farm)
  • Chiogga beets from Jim (Tomatoes etc)
  • Red Thumb potatoes from Will (Whitmore farm)
  • Yellow fingerling potatoes from Rick (Summer creeek farm)
  • White onion from Chris (Jubilee farm)
  • Yellow carrots and dark beets from my backyard garden
Potatoes and beets were par-boiled before roasting. I made a dressing with olive oil, sherry wine, mustard and some thyme and tarragon. It is visually stimulating and very satisfying to work with fresh and colorful vegetables. Needless to day, they were very yummy.

Talking about yummy roasting, check out Dianne's post on Thanksgiving. Everything looks so delicious!

Dan and I will be traveling for Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to a delicious meal and joyful conversation with our very special friends. Hope everyone travels safe, if you are traveling, and have a happy Thanksgiving.


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