Saturday, November 14, 2009

EBlast from Catoctin Mountain Orchard

The Black Family would like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" - we appreciate your support throughout the year by purchasing our own grown and produced products.

Through this support you keep our dream alive and well by supporting the concept of buy fresh, buy local.

This means, you get great taste and freshness, you help to improve the local economy, by keeping your dollars circulating in the community, safe guarding your families health and protecting the environment.

Even though to many, it would seem that the season is about to come to an end and we're getting ready to settle into the quite of the winter months - on the contrary.


We still have lots of your fresh favorites for the coming holidays, as well as apple gift boxes, fresh pies, apple dumplings, all type of desserts, fresh cider, and the list goes on and on. Call ahead for quick and easy pickup.

Many of our items are available through our on online store that can be delivered straight to your door, all year!

Stop by! See you soon! Thanks and Happy Holidays from the Black Family.

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