Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heart Your Sweetheart with Cakes for Cause

Yes folks, it's a new year, filled with new and exciting things from Cakes for Cause. For Valentine's Day, our staff will brave the February weather to deliver a big chocolate chip cookie with your personal message on it...on our cupid-cycle (unless it snows...then skis perhaps?). This is a delicious, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, decorated with your heartfelt message. Who doesn't like to receive delivered gifts at work or at home? Don't forget the friend who works downtown, your husband, your neighbor who shovels your walk all winter, or if you just want one for yourself!

We have a retro bicycle that we've been dying to put to use as a delivery cycle so our volunteers are wearing red on the 12th-14th of February and will deliver your cookies for you (downtown Frederick only). If you're out of the downtown limits, there's no reason to not order one...we'll arrange for you to pick up and deliver it yourself. The important thing on this Valentine's Day is that you have cookies! Remember, if you see the cupid cycle pull up outside your office or home, it's delivering good things...hopefully to you!

We have limited quantities and you can pay online for this one Each cookie is $12, delicious, and packaged to go! Cookies are 8 inches across and your text will need to fit into that space but be heartfelt...this is a valentine after all.

Don't like chocolate chip cookies? We're available for any custom order that you need for Valentine's Day or any other event. We'd love to help you make it more special.

P.S. Feel free to forward this as a broad hint to anyone who is SUPPOSED to give you a valentine...we'll work with them to get you the valentine you deserve!

In other news...
You've stuck around with us for a year and we're all in need of a celebration so we have two things for you...our annual report, and a party! You may link to our annual report by clicking here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Our anniversary celebration will be held on Thursday March 5th at Café Nola (more details to follow but mark your calendars).

Construction Update...
We hope you're watching the progress of the building and have noticed our banner hanging on the fence. We now have a physical address for it...629 North Market Street will be the location for our bakery/café, and we anticipate opening in the late spring/early summer. We also plan to acquire office space in the Federated Charities Building, 22 South Market Street, as our administrative space. We'll schedule an open house once we move in at the beginning of February and look forward to seeing you there!

We've tweaked our mission...
We were fortunate enough to have a consultant lead us through a strategic planning process last weekend and our staff and board of directors are excited about the future of our organization. We re-tooled our mission to more fully incorporate our long-range plans. We haven't changed our purpose, or the purpose of our bakery/café on North Market Street...we provide real work skills and meaningful life skills to at-risk youth who have aged out of foster care or who are living in public housing. As always, it is the support of our customers, volunteers, neighbors and friends who have made this entire venture possible...thank you.

Here's our "tweaking":
Cakes for Cause exists to empower vulnerable youth by creating social enterprises to engage the community in cultivating meaningful employment and educational opportunities that teach work and life skills.

Cakes for Cause

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