Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update from Summer Creek Farm

Hi All, I hope you all are staying warm this winter. We are actually starting to plant seeds inside so you have vegetables ready next summer. Our gardening classes have gone well too. We have more classes here at the farm and at the Common Market in the coming weeks. One theme we would like to relay to you in the coming year is teaching a young person, either in your family or someone you know, how to cook fresh food. In tight economic times one of the best and healthiest ways to save on money is to prepare food from whole goods. A lot of todays food dollars go to prepared food. It is convenient but not near as healthy and not near as good tasting. Unfortunately many people we talk to at farmers markets are not familiar with how to fix food from raw ingredients. We are close to loosing a generation that are not familiar with cooking fresh. We will grow the fresh stuff and we hope in the coming year all our members can work with a young person to educate them on the benefits and tastes of cooking fresh. All of us would benefit from this effort and it will pay dividends in the future too!

Stay Warm, fresh vegetables from our farm are a couple of months away but they are coming!

Farmer Rick

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