Monday, January 5, 2009

What's blooming now?

Camellia is. I have picked up a good number of perennial plants from M & W nursery when they had a sale this fall. We left the plants against a south-facing wall in their pots. While most of them look brown with no sign of life, Camellia is staying green with many flower buds and whenever we have a series of warm days, the flowers open up! I was reluctant to pick this one up because I was hoping to find white or red camellia with fuller petals but I am very happy I brought this one home.

Dan prepared a decent size lot for a perennial flower bed in the late fall. He dug out a long strip of weeds/grass/ivy mess along the fence and covered the area with a mulch fabric that Erland gave us and some hardwood chips. We are hoping that the area will be ready for planting by late spring or early summer this year. Once the bed is ready, the camellia plant will be placed at its permanent spot.

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