Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pink Apple Sauce

Dan and I stopped by an orchard on the day after Thanksgiving and bought a bushel of second apples following Ken's advice. On top of the unbelievable price (we paid $8 for a bushel of royal Gala apples) those second apples looked and tasted very good! Just minor scratches and cracks were found and there was no bruising.

We have been eating lots of apples and now we have only a handful left for making a pie. We took out a juicer that we never used for the past five years and made fresh apple juice, twice. I also had some red Gala apples from the last farmer's market and made pink apple sauce using the red Gala and royal Gala apples. It was my first time making the apple sauce and it was really easy.

  1. Wash apples, cut them into chunks.
  2. Add two tablespoons of light brown sugar and a half cup of water for 12 apples. Cook until apples are soft enough that you can break the apple pieces easily with the back of a spoon.
  3. Take out your handy dandy food mill and separate the skin and seeds out.
  4. Now the sauce is ready for you to eat. I canned most of it for later use.
This was a part of the recipe in making an apple tart by Dorie Greenspan. She uses apple sauce as a filling in the tart. The apple sauce by itself tastes fresh and looks pretty. Make some pink sauce and spread apple love.

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smoo said...

I was lucky enough to eat an apple tart made by Yeon with this sauce and it was so fresh tasting.