Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harvest on the July 4th

I was lucky to have tender lettuce till the beginning of July. I think it was because we had a pretty good rain at the early part of growing season this year. I grew 3 varieties and valentine did very well as well as red romaine lettuce. 
Feathery green you see at the bottom is cilantro. I have hard time growing cilantro if I buy seedlings. My good experience with cilantro always involved volunteers from the the previous season. I wonder if it is because they get to decide when they want to start and get to enjoy the cold weather in really early spring.

This was the first year that I ever grew zinnias. They were really easy to start -pretty much all of the seeds that I sowed grew and bloomed till the hard frost killed them. I have a photo to prove that I still had some flowers till early November. :)
I was really happy with Envy mix and Ruffles mix. I collected some flower heads to save seeds and still have some left from the original seed packets. I think I will add another zinnia variety to the mix next year, maybe the one with smaller head and more traditionally shaped petals.

The harvest was my small contribution to the awesome July 4th party Shannon hosted. Oh, we had such a good time at her party.

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smoo said...

It's nice to think about that party! One of the good things about winter is reflecting on other seasons. Can't wait to get some seeds and start planning next year's garden!