Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Anna's garden

Sometimes it takes a long long time to discover a part that I am made of.  I remember looking between the cracks of the roads and wondering how a tiny plant could start growing there. It is one of my earliest memories. I was always mildly obsessed with plants but didn't realize it. When I finally had my first garden  and start playing in the dirt, sowing seeds and talking to plants, I was already 29. I wish it didn't take that long to find out that I am deeply rooted in the soil and that I feel a strong connection to the nature when I am tending to plants in a garden. I am not complaining though - I feel lucky to be able to continue gardening since I started.

Anna's garden has been talking to me for many years since I first visited.  Maybe she is not saying what I am hearing. But isn't all communication like that? We hear what we want to hear regardless of what is being said.  Here are my snapshots of her whisper.

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