Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance

In my job-job, I manage the Watershed Management Section at Frederick County Division of Public Works. One of my favorite projects that we do is coordinate the Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance (Alliance). We work with dozens of community partners to protect and restore water quality and habitat in Frederick County. Many of our partners are part of the agricultural community. You will be happy to hear that there are many farmers that are actively working to do what's best for the environment AND the farm. My father grew up on a dairy farm in Frederick County and passed his stewardship ethic on to his kids- it's exciting to be part of efforts that work on the synergies between supporting local agriculture and protecting the environment. One of my staff, Kay Schultz, coordinates the Alliance. She and Jessica Hunicke, my other staffperson, did an exceptional job putting together the winter quarterly newsletter- I want to share it with you, as it includes a number of awesome efforts taking place in our region that you can be proud of. Many of our Alliance partners work directly with the public on conservation activities and I encourage you to peruse the site to learn more about them.


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