Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coffee AND Gingerbread!

Ok friends, here it is. Our big cookie fundraiser for the holidays. Ever wish you had enough time to make those beautiful decorated cookies that show up in all the holiday magazines? Ever decorate a gingerbread cookie with a frosting bikini? This year is your opportunity. Cakes for Cause will sell boxes of pre-cut gingerbread and sugar cookie boys and girls and all you have to do is slide them out of the freezer and into the oven and then get out your red hots and sugar sprinkles. It's that easy! What's more, it's a delicious, fresh, no additives, small-batch cookie like all our other products, and...we won't tell ANYONE! We will have pre-order sheets for the last two weeks of the Middletown Market and at the Frederick Market until November. You don't even have to pay now. How easy is this?!

Quantities are limited so order early. Each box will contain 2 ½ dozen cookies with instructions for baking, decorating ideas, and a bonus cookie recipe if you do have time to do some of your own holiday baking...but let us take the pressure off you for the decorated cookies this year.

This week at the Frederick Market (10:00-1:00 on Saturdays on Baughman's Lane behind the Holiday Inn) we will sell pear and almond tarts. Made with Sikle pears from the orchard of one of our supporters, this is an elegant tart with a baked almond cream crust and sprinkled with toasted pistachios. We'll also have whole wheat scone and vegan scones again (those of you who purchased the whole wheat cranberry scones last week, stop by and let us know what you thought). Remember, you can get freshly milled whole wheat pastry flour (with or without bran and sold in 1 lb quantities) from us at the market. You'll also get a recipe in case you need some inspiration. This week we'll also be selling hot COFFEE so now no one has an excuse not to come visit us at the market!

A quick Cakes for Cause shout-out for the rainy hurricane volunteers from last week. Almost everyone stayed for the entire time and we thank you for your enthusiasm and your sense of humor. It's one of those stories we can tell our grandkids! We have only two weeks left for the Middletown Market but we're also planning to attend the Middletown Heritage Festival on the 27th of September and Frederick's In the Street on October 4th so if you can't make either market, we hope to see you somewhere. The Frederick market will be open (through November if the weather holds) and we hope you'll also remember us at the holidays when you need baked treats. We're available and would be happy to help you make your dinner or holiday party special. Just let us know.

Cakes For Cause

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