Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rainy Day Farmer's Market, Sep 6

We had a very wet Saturday morning yesterday because of hurricane Hanna, and it started to really rain around 8:30 am. This week I helped setting up Cakes For Cause stand and when we arrived, we saw Scenic View Orchards, Jubilee Organic Farm and Tomatoes et al. had their tents up already. Roher's meats, Glade Link Farm, Ed's Country Bakery, Summer Creek Farm, BB's Bagles and Bread, South Mountain Cremery and New Hope Farm also came. Kudos for people who came out to the market even with the rain! I adored kids who wore cute raincoats and rain boots (I want them for myself now). I really wish we had today's beautiful weather yesterday, but it was nice to see dedicated vendors and loyal customers who embraced the bad weather. I left the market early after shopping so I didn't witness the entire market. The crowd was continuous in the early part of the market. To keep the tradition that Shannon started, here is the list of what I got with roughly $60.
  • cantaloupe, a bag of micro green from New Hope Farm
  • yellow watermelon, butternut squash and red onions from Jubilee Organic Farm
  • 1/2 peck of second nectarine, a quart of Gala apples, a quart of giant white peaches from Scenic View Orchards
  • a dozen large eggs from Rohrer's meats
  • a pint of blackberries from Glade-Link Farm
  • a quart of red potatoes, a dozen jumbo eggs, and a giant sunflower head full with seeds from Summer Creek Farm
  • a pound of fresh butter in a tub and turkey sausages from South Mountain Creamery
  • a half dozen white corns from Tomatoes et al.
Jubilee Organic Farm also had acorn squashes and spaghetti squashes. I think they were the first appearance of winter squashes this year.We still have plenty of late summer/early fall produce. Come on out to the farmer's market and hang on to the flavors of the season. Once they go, we will have to wait till next summer to enjoy the dense, satisfying flavor of in-season produce. Gwen thinks that the coming week might be the last week that she can bring blackberries for this year. If you are a blackberry fan like me, don't miss the market this Saturday.

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