Saturday, August 16, 2008

What 40$ will get you at the farmer's market

Thank goodness I made it to the Farmer's Market today; I was suffering from withdrawal. I got there around 11 and made a beeline for Cakes for Cause. Sadly, they were already out of lemon ginger scones. Here's what 40$ got me at the farmer's market today:
  • 2 cheddar chive scones, 2 chocolate croissants and a rye ciabatta from Cakes For Cause
  • 3 doggie biscuits and a nice big eggplant from Chesapeake's choice
  • a package of Canadian bacon and a ham salad sandwich from Rohrer's meats
  • a round of goat's milk baby Swiss from Caprikorn farms (new product!)
  • two containers of yogurt and a big ball of fresh mozzarella from South Mountain Creamery
  • a quart of peaches from Scenic View Orchards
I just could not bring myself to buy any more produce due to the tomato and tomatillo harvest that is overflowing in my yard. But the market was loaded. I noticed blackberries, corn, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and all sorts of gorgeous fresh produce. It's worth going to the market right now just to feast the eyes. The heirloom tomatoes are especially beautiful; I saw brandywines, pineapples, green zebras, multicolored cherries...but the coolest tomato I saw today by far was the multicolored Roma that was at Summer Creek Farm. It was marbled yellow, red, and green with a metallic marble thrown in. I don't know how nature managed to make a metallic color on a tomato but it was truly the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.

Right now I am roasting San Marzano paste tomatoes in the oven with oregano and basil to make fresh pizza sauce. They will be wonderful with the fresh mozzarella. And I think I am going to make a peach berry cobbler for the family reunion tomorrow...

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