Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweetest Watermelon Ever!

After running around chasing a tennis ball in the heat of late afternoon, I came home exhausted. My body was so hot it kept sweating even when I sat still on the chair by kitchen island. Dan offered me a glass of water. When he opened the door of the fridge to get more lime, I saw the round green guy with stripes and shouted! Let's eat the watermelon!!

Dan took it out and started slicing the melon. This watermelon is so ripe it cuts itself, he said. I bit into the slice and it was so full of water and so sweet. By the time I finished my share of slices, I cooled down and felt great.

This yellow/orange watermelon is from Jubilee Organic Farm. They grow excellent produce and I highly recommend their melons. I also recommend running around in the heat of summer (properly hydrate yourself) and then having a bite of the watermelon. You will be in heaven.

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