Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Ode to McCutcheon's Blueberry Preserves

Two weekends ago, my family had a reunion at Doub's park in Hagerstown. It was a reunion for the Moore family, which includes all of the descendants of my Dad's parents, Kathleen and Urban Wendric Moore. Though my grandparents are deceased, their kids still get together several times a year to eat. The food is outrageous: fried chicken, jello salad, macaroni and cheese, slippery pot pie, pulled pork, green beans, baked beans, rice krispie treats, pasta salad; these are just some of the many foods there. In fact, in a long picnic pavilion, the food alone takes up the entire length: four picnic tables.

Every year at the reunion, we have an auction, where people bid on gift-wrapped mystery items brought by members of the family. This year I won a four-pack of McCutcheon's preserves. There was, of course, a strawberry. And a cherry. But the last two are my favorites:

"Triple Crown," is made with red raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. It is sweet and chunky and as delicious as it sounds. But my favorite of all time is the blueberry. The sweet, unctuous preserves are brimming with little blueberries. I imagine this would be the world's greatest accompaniment to cheese blintzes or pancakes. It would be great in muffins or in the layer of a cake. My old pal Gary Free used to work at the factory and his favorite preserve is the Damson Plum. So there are many favorites to be had. But for me, blueberry rules.

These are extraordinary preserves, but they are affordable, and that is the holy grail for food.

McCutcheon's has its factory in Frederick. They give tours. Sometimes a coupon for a free product is in one of the coupon mailers. Look for it and check out the place:, 1-800-888-7537

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Thanks so much for the appreciation! If you like the Blueberry Preserves, you should check out our recipe for Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls!