Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frederick Farmer's Market...THE place to be!

They told us that corn season would be crazy and they were right! Cakes for Cause has had a phenomenal season so far at the Frederick Farmer's Market (on Baughman's Lane behind the Holiday Inn) on Saturday mornings. Thank you so much for all your support for our products, our mission, and our cause. We're looking forward to the remainder of the season and it's never too early to talk about some special products for when the weather starts to turn to fall. Our toasted bread crumbs are a perfect topping for casserole season. Made from a combination of several types of bread, these dried crumbs go great with salads, as a coating for crabcakes or fried veggies, and can be frozen for use later in the fall. We have recipes to give you ideas and are happy to share them with you.

Our almond granola sold out last week in Middletown and Frederick. Many of you ask us why we don't put dried fruit into the bags and it's because it dries out the fruit and makes the granola soggy. Put your dried cherries, blueberries, or raisins into the granola right before serving. And remember, our granola can be purchased in quantity and we can adjust the spices or add flavor to your specifications (candied ginger is a great addition!). If you purchase 2 or more pounds, we offer a volume discount.

This week we will have coconut scones in addition to our lemon ginger butter scones and if our baker gets her large orders in order, we may also have cranberry orange cream scones to add to the ever-popular cheddar chive scones in our jars. We will also have rosemary sage crackers. These are perfect spread with the chevre sold at the market or perhaps a tomato salsa, made with some heirlooms. A customer told us that our focaccia was great in a panzanella bread salad with fresh tomatoes, basil and a fruity olive oil...let it stand all day for the flavors to really soak into the bread.

It certainly feels like it this week and we all know that fall is coming. One of our upcoming products will be loaves of soda bread. Now we know there are traditionalists out there who don't want to mess with their favorite recipe and we also know that some people have been traumatized by soda bread in the past but our loaves are moist and filled with dried apricots, currants, and caraway seeds. They keep for up to a week and are perfect with your coffee or tea on a crisp, early fall morning and are great slathered with butter and served with dinner. They will be available starting in September at the Market and are available now by special order.

See you on Saturday!

Cakes for Cause

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