Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harbaugh's farm stand

I could not make it to the farmer's market yesterday because I was trying to get my glasses fixed. This was too bad because I was hoping to get some jalapeƱo cheddar from Caprikorn farms to take back to my friend Gill at Market on Market for her to try. Market on Market is a little fancy food store on Market Street in Frederick. It's a great place for gifts, but more than that, the food there is outstanding. They carry fresh bread (the baguette is opalescent inside, it's so good) and delicious cheeses. They also make fresh Italian coffee. This place strikes me as a little known secret and is worth a splurge for something special.

Anyway, I missed the Farmer's Market yesterday and that was sad. Especially since my glasses are worse than when I took them to the shop. To make up for missing the market, I stopped by Harbaugh's (on my way to have apple dumplings with my parents) and picked up some fresh produce. Here is what I got for $5:
  • 1 round yellow seedless watermelon
  • 1 small French cantaloupe
  • 1 sweet long italian pepper
  • 1 long japanese-style eggplant
How to get to Harbaugh's: take 15 N to Thurmont from Frederick. Take the 550 Exit (N or West- left at the exit) Go up 550 for a long ways through the mountains. It's a pretty drive along Owens creek with a number of good fishing spots. (You'll see the shop for Scenic View on the right too) When you get into Sabillasville you will see a church on the right and the road will take an abrupt left. Just before the turn there is an entrance to Harbaugh Road just past the cemetery on the right. Take Harbaugh Road. Go a little over a mile and you'll see Harbaugh's on the right. They are open 10-6 on weekdays and 10-5 on weekends. You can also call them at 301.241.3032 for more info.

Harbaugh's also has cheap perennials, trees, and greenhouse plants. The prices are good and the quality is good. Enjoy!

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