Saturday, December 5, 2009

They thought it was Spring.

I woke up to white snow. It was lovely to have a breakfast looking out the window and see snow covering our little backyard garden.

Some plants have been enjoying mildly cold weather. This Sutera Cordata is called Snowstorm. How cute is to see Snowstorm covered with snow. This plant is annual/tender perennial. If I had a sun room or green house, I could keep her for the next year. Search reveals that this plant can only be propagated through cuttings, not by seeds. Maybe I should try bringing her into our house to overwinter.

I am not sure about the usefulness of borage as a herb plant. You could eat young leaves in a salad (commonly described as mild cucumber flavor), but if you miss that short stage, leaves get big, tough, and prickly. I keep borage for the beautiful star like blue flowers. They have been self-sowing.

I have too much parsley. They love cool weather but I am not sure how they are going to handle this snow and following cold nights. I should harvest some leaves and dry them.

Not sure about this young fennel fellow. I think my spring sowing produced plants that produced flowers and seeds, and they started fall crop themselves.

This is a new rhubarb plant that I got from a farmer's market this spring. I have a giant guy that started a few years ago from seed, but unfortunately he doesn't produce red stalks, so I adopted this new guy. I should harvest the tender stalks before they go into winter dormancy.

I grew sun flowers and nasturtium in one of the sunniest spots. The plants completed the cycle and I cleared the area out to plant some spring bulbs for the next year. However, the seeds decided it was spring and they got things going. Unfortunately, both sunflowers and nasturtium don't transplant well so I am not even going to try to pot them up and bring them in. Too bad their lives will be short.

And, asparagus thought it was spring too. There are a few more spears that are one or two inches above the ground. I shall eat them soon.

I will follow up with a few more photos of plants that I am keeping in the house.
Have a happy snowy day.

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