Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucky one

As promised, here are some more photos of the plants. We set up a small table in our guest bedroom so that we can keep some plants indoor over the winter. The first one you see is orange Thai pepper. I think they are also called birds eye pepper. I have grown them several times in the past years, but didn't know that they also come in orange color till Charles gave a seedling to me and Dan as a gift. It had a slow start, but grew prolific and gorgeous by November. I pot it up and now it sits by window sill. If I don't have aphids attacking the plant, I think I should be able to overwinter it. The peppers are excellent in Thai food and any type of stir-fried food.

You might remember the lonely lime blossom that I had early this year. Well, this little lime tree is such a trooper. It bloomed quite heavily and heavenly in the late spring and started to bear fruits. Then this fall it started to bloom again. According to Charles, they bloom several times a year! I am really excited to try the fruits. Some are about an inch in diameter now so I should be able to harvest a couple soon.

I love rosemary flowers. They are very delicate and delicious and taste like, well, rosemary but subtle. My rosemary plant in the raised bed never flowered, I wonder if it is ever going to flower? Whenever I saw Cakes for Cause's rosemary bushes blooming, I had to pick one or two flowers off and pop them in my mouth (of course after Elin's permission). When I saw this creeping rosemary plant spilling over the hanging basket , I had to adopt her. Mellisa smiled seeing me torn between this flowering rosemary basket and a small bay tree guy with five leaves! Well, rosemary won and now she is staying in my guest bed room too.

Do you remember the last Sunday in November this year? How the air was so warm and the sun was so gentle, and it made you think maybe, just maybe, this magical Fall is going to extend forever? Dan and I worked in our backyard garden that day and our friend Ricardo stopped by. We sat around the table chatting and absorbing every golden particle of the sun ray. Ric said he had orchid plants for us, disappeared, and appeared again with two orchid plants. I never grew orchids before and have no CLUE what I am doing. They are also staying in our guest bedroom.

How lucky am I to have these wonderful friends who give me plants as gifts, and also to be able to adopt plants from caring farmers and gardeners?



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Chelsea said...

Such lucky plants you have!