Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Summer Creek Farm - Storm Update

Hi All! I hope you all weathered the storm well. It certainly was tough up here on the farm. On the farmer and livestock as well as our infrastructure. You can look at our photo album on Facebook to see pictures from the storm. If you are not a fan of Summer Creek Farm on Facebook please join us! Rick Hood's page on Facebook is where the farm information is located.

The storm did damage all of our High Tunnels. We will have to replace the tops on each one before the season begins. This is a significant cost and a lot of work but we are moving ahead so it does not impact the season. This is why your CSA membership is so important at this time of year. Costs like this along with seed, fertilizer and other supplies are significant at this time of year. Your CSA check is certainly appreciated to help us get a quick start into the season.

CSA sign ups are showing a lot of new interest. I hope we see our previous subscribers get in before the CSA fills. If you are thinking about it please act before the CSA fills. If you are not signing up this year and have a reason we should know about please let me know. Constructive comments are always welcome. Some locations are almost full. We are looking forward to a very good season, hope for a great season always comes with the warming of spring!

I hope to see you at some of our gardening classes coming up in the next month. These are great ways to learn an activity that all the family can participate in.

Thanks again for your support!
Farmer Rick
PS: The pic is proof the season is starting, our tomato plants are growing inside right now! Sign up so you can taste them later.

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