Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This time of year, obviously the pickings for local food are slim unless you are talking about meat or preserves. Nevertheless, I was able to get some potatoes from my friend Chad the other day that he had grown this summer, and I fried them up. Chad is expanding his Community Supported Agriculture program this summer to 50 spots. He is going to be primarily doing CSA through his farm off Mt. Zion road this year. If you are interested to learn more about his CSA, you can contact him at stullproduce@yahoo.com. He farms organic.

I saw an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain the other day about Brittany, in France. It was the best episode of the show I had ever seen, and that's saying a lot. The reason I loved this particular show, other than the fact that it had the best looking food on it that I had ever seen, was the relentless emphasis on quality of experience in life through being grounded in local products. Lucky for Brittany, local food includes every form of seafood known to humankind. But beyond that, the appreciation for the soil, for rusticness, for truly fresh ingredients that can only come from local sources- this episode totally blew me away. Because for me, local food is about quality of life more than anything else. As much as I might like to talk about the politics of it or the economics. It does seem though, that when you are doing the right thing, there are many, many reasons for it, not just one.

Yeon and I are making some changes to the West Frederick Farmer's Market page that I think will be really cool. We're linking the feed from this blog to it, for one. We'll let you know when we're done. And when I say we, it's Yeon doing all of the coding.

The West Frederick Farmer's Market still doesn't have a home yet. I'll be talking to some other people on the marketing committee here soon to step up efforts. We'll make it work.

Are we really going to get another 20 inches of snow in the next two days? Geez. I am going to go through my vegetable seeds just so I can dream about spring. And figure out what to order. This year I want to grow watermelon radishes.


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Chelsea said...

Hey Smoo! I'm SO sorry I accidentally snubbed you on Market St. a few minutes ago - I didn't realize it was you until I got to the end of the block and realized you were actually talking to me! I feel really bad, and I couldn't figure out how to send this little note directly to you so here's my public internet apology...

Next time just walk DIRECTLY INTO ME, then I might get the picture. Duh.