Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sign of Victory from Garlic

Speaking of bulbs, garlics didn't miss the warm weather either and they grew an inch or two over the weekend. It is amazing how fast they can push themselves out. The first two leaves of garlic plant stretch at an angle, and together they look like a victory sign.
I planted two different garlics we had in the pantry last fall. Looking forward to yummy garlic scapes followed by freshly dug and cured garlic bulbs. I planted each garlic clove, not the entire bulb in one spot in case you are wondering. 
Last year I had garlic volunteers in my "compost file" - I didn't have a compost bin back then so I just made a pile of stuff that I stacked with trimmings from the yard and the kitchen scraps. To tell you the truth, I like this free-from pile compost better than what I have now. Just care-free and so natural. I ended up creating another compost pile next to the current compost bin anyway. I need a better strategy for composting. While searching, I found this article about composting (a pdf file). I am glad that composting doesn't have to be so complicated.

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