Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flowers for the market: July 12, 08

The new growing season is approaching fast and I would like to wrap up soon posting the photos of flowers from last year. The week of July 13 was one of my favorite weeks for flower picking. All the oriental lilies in my back yard opened up. I love their cherry deep pink colors with dots along the petal. Lisianthus bloomed too. Their crepe paper like petals look like bell flowers when they are still opening, and then they look like roses when fully open. They come in a shade of cream- pink -lavender - purple - blue. 
In this arrangement, I also had liatris (blazing star), dahlina, and zinnia. The color tone of the flowers was more or less consistent while there were many different shapes. Oriental lilies are fragrant, so this bouquet smelled really nice. I love when the flowers look pretty, and smell pretty too.

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