Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Week in Farmers Markets

I went to the opening of the North Market Farmers Market yesterday and chatted with both the vendors and the customers. That is kind of my thing. I do volunteer marketing for farmers markets. I like to take the pulse. I chat with people, design logos, organize occasional events like chef's challenges, and post things on facebook. My intent is to help the farmers connect to the consumers with more than just product. So I guess I am kind of a social organizer volunteer. I like to do it. It's fun. I was really excited yesterday because, despite the rain, the vendors were very happy. They were happy with the market location, with the turnout, with selling out of some items on their first day. They were happy with the spot they got in the market, or with the music, or whatever. The customers were happy too. They were happy to have the parking lot of the empty complex full of local food. They were excited about how delicious the cherries were, and were sharing them with other customers because they were so good. In fact, the only feedback I could get about improvements was from my boyfriend, who suggested that the market needed more visible signage and had room for more vendors. This is a really good sign. This market is going to do well. Will Morrow did an excellent job with the variety and quality of vendors that he put together when organizing the market. It really showed. The Market also benefitted awesomely from all of the supporting actors like the Downtown Frederick Partnership, Frederick Tourism, Volt Restaurant, the many bloggers and tweeters and facebookers, and of course all of my friends and their big mouths. And my little sister, who distributed hundreds of door hangers. And my boyfriend, who talked to the restaurateurs and chefs about the market. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the market on a drizzly day, because it had an awesome opening day.

The Shab Row and Everedy Square Farmers Market is today from 3-6. I have been hoping that the North Market Farmers Market will increase traffic to the Everedy Square market. With more people aware that the markets exist, clientele increases for all of the markets. A rising tide floats all boats.


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