Friday, June 4, 2010

Local food in the local blogosphere

It's the time of year when the local twitterers and bloggers are posting about their gardens and adventures with local food. Here's a rollup:

frederickfoodie is having a Farmer's Market class at The Kitchen Studio on July 30 & 31 to teach folks how to really work the markets!

April of 1000 pizza doughs posts pictures of her garden that is ACTUALLY GROWING despite fears to the contrary. She also posts pictures of her greens. I am jealous, because I neglected mine so long in my friend's greenhouse that he planted them in his own garden. He said, "you can come visit the farm if you want some lettuce".

Chelsea of figs and twigs is eating greens for breakfast with beans and hot sauce. Sounds very refreshing.

Fred Foodie ate "halibut on a white asparagus risotto with a rhubarb ginger compote for lunch at VOLT last week and it was absolutely the best piece of fish that I have ever had. Just perfectly cooked: moist and flaky. I was sad to finish it. It sounds lame but I actually had a dream about it that night! I don’t usually dream about food. Anybody have food dreams?" I do. I am dreaming of that dish right now. Bryan always does a great job with fish, and the rest of the dish, sprinkled with fresh local ingredients like rhubarb and asparagus, sounds divine. Speaking of restaurants, I learned today that the Tasting Room uses a lot of local produce too. Good to hear.

The Frederick Community Garden Association asks, "What issues do you want to see addressed in our community? " I would like to see greater access of fresh local food to people of all economic backgrounds, particularly in school lunches. I would also like to see a formal connection between the food bank and local farms, and I would like to see a nonprofit food distribution company in Frederick that bridges the distance between farmers and retailers while allowing the farmers to maintain a greater share of profits. Just some thoughts.

House in the Woods is having goat adventures, which you will have to check out for yourself (it's very sweet).

The intermittent gourmet at real food * real life has taken the dirty dozen list of fruits and vegetables (from the Environmental Working Group as published at cnn) that are laden with pesticide residue and has turned it into a cute chart. way to go!

That Farmers Market Chick has joined I support farmers' markets on facebook. Me too! It's a pretty cool page.

Hilda from Volt visited the Elk Run Winery. She goes to the coolest places to learn more about their sources.

I think we are due for a blogger's challenge soon, where we pick a farm fresh product and ask everyone to make something out of it and post pictures. Hmm. I wonder what that will be!


Chelsea said...

hey! thanks for the link :)
I can't believe how FAST this season is progressing!
That rhubarb-ginger compote might inspire me to dream this weekend...

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Anonymous said...

I'm up for the challenge