Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh this Week from Rohrer's Meats

Greetings from the farm. Things are so busy here on the farm I need two of me to keep up. I have thought about asking the local veterinarians about getting myself cloned, but decided that might not be a good idea because most of you would say one of me is more than enough already.

Father's Day weekend has arrived already. And while dad would love a special dinner, he most likely would prefer grilling farm fresh meats at home rather than going to some crowded restaurant. I had extra animals processed this week to hopefully keep up with the demand. I will have my complete line of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and eggs. A good supply of pulled pork has been made. English bacon is ready this week. Janet has started "jamming" so different combinations of strawberry jellies will be available.

For those of you wanting to avoid the Saturday market crowds or get an early start on the weekend, I am at the Grace Community Church farmers market every Friday from 3 until 7 PM. This is just a short hop away, along Alternate Route 40 just before Braddock and next to Trout Liquors. Frozen meats are available early, but I return with fresh meats by 6. We will also have red raspberries, black raspberries, sweet cherries, a few sour cherries, spring onions, and red beets. Sour cherries are in very short supply this year. This is a small market, but there are also baked goods, vegetables, and some crafts available.

Eat fresh, be well, and I will see you at the market,

Rohrer's Meats

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