Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cinderblocks to Walls... Construction Moves Forward

Last week we walked around the corner to look at the construction progress on the building that will ultimately house Cakes for Cause. There's enough of an outline to start to understand how the space will be laid out once it's complete (we're going to have to get smaller tables!). Here's a picture:

The Community Center is located on North Market Street, just before the fountain and our space is on the left side of the front of the building. It looks like we'll have large picture windows that look out onto the streetscape and there should be enough space between the building and the curb to have outdoor tables when the weather is nice. The most current prediction is that the construction will be completed on April 29th (which of course, means the middle or end of May but certainly late spring/early summer is pretty accurate) so certainly by the start of the Farmer's Market next season, you'll be able to visit us during the week to satisfy a scone craving between Saturdays.

We missed you last week and even though we didn't go to the market, it was an extremely busy two weeks for us. Because of some speaking engagements (our Baker is also our Director) and attendance at an out-of-town conference at the end of this week, we'll have less bread than normal at the Market. We're still planning scones and croissants and will also have a special Halloween treat for sale in limited quantities. This week we'll also be offering hot cider, hot coffee, and homemade hot chocolate (none of those powdered envelopes for us!) for you to sip as you walk the Saturday Farmer's Market (Baughman's Lane 10:00-1:00). It's squash season and several of the farmers have a great selection to choose from...roasted squash with cheddar biscuits is a PERFECT combination for a chilly autumn evening.

COOKIE UPDATE: We have arranged to deliver our frozen gingerbread and sugar cookie kits at several locations starting on December 11th. We'll be in at least one local downtown location during the week and at the Dutch Plant Garden Center (on Baughman's Lane) on at least the two successive Saturdays. If you haven't ordered your cookies yet, there's still time. These make perfect gifts for the busy people in your life (it's okay if that's you) and it's a delicious way to welcome the holidays. 2 1/2 dozen frozen gingerbread or sugar cookie boys and girls are only $ slide them in the oven and in 15 minutes, you're ready to start decorating. Even better, the proceeds go to support the Cakes for Cause program that provides paid vocational training for vulnerable children and youth in Frederick.

You can sign up for cookie kits at the Farmer's Market, by emailing us or by calling (240)344-0295. We're working on our online payment system so you can pay by check or by credit card at the beginning of December. No money now, just let us know how many boxes you need...and shhhhhh, we won't tell anyone you didn't mix them up yourself!

If you'd like more information about our program, click here. Although the Farmer's Market slows down, we can still use volunteers on Saturdays until we close in late November. It's a fun way to get some free cider!

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