Thursday, April 1, 2010

CSA memberships available at House in the Woods

Hey folks. I got this from my friend Ilene today. They still have a few memberships available for this year for their Community-Supported Agriculture:

House in the Woods CSA Farm has openings for new members for our 2010 season!


House in the Woods CSA is a certified organic Community Supported Agriculture farm just south of Frederick, Maryland near the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. We grow a wide variety of organic vegetables, mostly heirloom varieties, and also some herbs and flowers. We feature over 20 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Veggie Distribution is a unique Free Choice system, where members fill their own bags as they wish, selecting from the items available each week. There are two tables--the Free Choice table and the Counted Items table. There are also U-Pick crops--such as herbs, flowers, cherry tomatoes, and green beans. On our website there is a list of vegetables we have grown (not completely updated, but you will get the idea). Pickups are from mid-May through September, Fridays or Saturdays noon to 8pm (you choose your pickup day).


The fee is $700 per share. Shares are for one household only (no splitting shares, please). This includes 20 weekly on-farm pickups of farm fresh organic vegetables, flowers and herbs, you fill your own bag and decide what goes in it, enough to feed your household for the week. It also includes: invitations to family-friendly CSA events such as potato digging parties, canning day, and other farm events; participation on the farm; gardening advice and hands-on experience; and so much more as part of the community.


We are a very small CSA that prioritizes the whole farm experience. Our CSA prioritizes the "farm experience"--so getting your hands into the soil, feeling involved on the farm, helping you participate in the growth of your own food, benefiting from your connection to this place--its all important to us and our mission here. Members are invited to help out at group Farm Hands Days, or by appointment for solo worktime. Members, including children, are involved in almost all aspects of the farm.


I am often asked how many people a share feeds. This varies greatly by each member's eating habits. A share is expected to feed 1-2 adults for the week. Some kids (and grown ups) eat lots of veggies, some don't. You might find your household will be inspired to eat more veggies when you are in a CSA. Since you fill your own bag, picking and choosing from our offerings, you will find it is just as much as you need for the week. For this same reason, we cannot allow split shares. Each share is for one household only. If you have a friend who also wants to join, please let us know. Please honor our system as you select a good CSA match for your family. Shop around if you are more interested in a split share, half share, mini share, etc--each CSA is different and there are others with these offerings.


If you choose to join the CSA, please contact us at 301-607-4048 first (9am to 9pm) or by email to receive confirmation that there is space for you. This is also an opportunity to have any questions answered and to make sure our program is a good match for you. I will send you a form to complete and mail in with a deposit check. I can hold a space for you for one week while I await your check in the mail.


If you are interested in joining the CSA, please contact me at or 301-607-4048. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ilene and Phil Freedman
House in the Woods CSA Farm
Please contact us if you would like to be added or deleted from our email list for farm information.

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